Nicholas eCommerce Architect & Developer Palmigiano
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Hi! I'm Nick P

A Web Developer in Baltimore, MD

I'm a proficient web developer with a passion for intuitive interfaces. Often spending my time in that sweet spot between experience design and development, utilizing my passions for the web and attention to detail through meticulously crafted user experiences.

My daily skill set includes the standard HTML and templating languages, CSS with preprocessors (SASS/LESS), and JavaScript with build scripting and testing (Grunt, webpack, parcel), with other languages and frameworks, Version Control (git), and database systems (SQL). I've worked with many eCommerce platforms, specifically Salesforce Commerce Cloud working in multiple international markets. I am confident with my skills relating to the command line, site hosting and configuration.

Skills to pay the bills

Passionate about bringing web disciplines together

Web Development

Daily use of languages such as JavaScript (ES6/7, React, Task Runners), HTML, CSS, use of APIs.


Finding creative ways to turn visitors into customers and increasing conversions by reducing the time and steps to complete a purchase.

Platforms & APIs

Using external solutions and 3rd Party APIs to build and connect business systems in record time. You don't always have to build from scratch.

Testing & Prototyping

Test early, test often by utilizing rapid prototyping to test concepts and validate ideas before spending even more time down to the road to fix mistakes.

User Interface Design

Anticipating what users might need to do while ensuring that the interface is easy to access, understand, and will facilitate those actions.


Focusing on how information is organized, structured, shared, and presented. Users will leave if they can't find what they want.

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